3 Ways to Go After Your Dream: Which Type Are You?

3 Ways to Go after Your Dream: Which Type Are You?

Imagine your life’s dream is a rushing river – cold; deep in some places, shallow in others; and unpredictable. You know you want to get in. How you go after your dream, if you do, says a lot about you.

The wild and free spirits – the leapers – run at it, tuck their knees and cannonball in with a splash.

The waders dip a toe in the water, feel the chill, and take the next step anyway. When they get used to the flow and the feel of the sand shifting beneath their feet, they take another step. They wade deeper still, testing each step along the way.

Then, there are those who wave from shore, unwilling to get wet.

Leapers, Waders, Wavers - Do you want your dreams to come true now, every day of your life, or never?

Shoreline Wavers

We all start out on the shore, right? For a time – however long or short – we watch all that life rushing past. It’s a good place to gain our footing and mentally or emotionally prepare to get wet. The shore is also a good spot to take a break and gain a little perspective when the chaos of life gets to be a bit much for us.

For most of us, the shore is a waypoint, a healthy pause. It’s temporary.

If you find yourself permanently on shore – stuck, stymied or shut down – it’s time to make a change. How you make that change – if you make it – puts you into one of the other two groups of people.


I have a friend who is a leaper. She recently took a graceful, swirling dive off a cliff. How did she do it?

She turned in notice at her 9-5. It might have seemed like a whim, but she was a woman with a plan and a short timeline. During the few weeks leading up to her official last day at the office, she sold or gave away most of her possessions and made arrangements to spend the next year of her life traveling across Europe. Then, she left.
Just like that, her life is completely, wildly different in only a month’s time.

I admire the leapers – their ability to develop a vision for their dreams, drop everything else and whip their reality into a shiny, new thing. They don’t overthink it. They get things done. We need the leapers. They drive us to new heights and bring us change at lightning speeds. They shake things up.

I’m not built for leaping. I’m built for wading, and if you are too, this blog is for you.


As waders, we love the lives we already have, and we dream of something more. That something might be travel, achieving a goal, stretching our boundaries, or learning new skills. Whatever the dream, we waders don’t need change at warp speed. We bring you well-considered change, contributing much to the world over time, in measured doses that add up to surprising waves of wonderful. We’re in it for the long haul, and we move our mountain one day, one rock at a time.

Waders leave the shore at ankle depth. When we’re ready, we take another step and another, and before we know it, we’re deep in the swirl of life and goodness and rich experience surrounding us. We still have a footing in which we feel confident, though we know we could be swept away at any moment, when the time is right.

We have a vision and a plan. We check the depth of the swirling waters around us, and we move forward to the next thing and the next until we get where we want to be. Sometimes we wade doggedly, fighting the current. Then, when the flow feels right, we lift our knees to let the current carry us.

Which Type Are You?

Do you want your dreams to come true now, never, or every day of your life? Maybe you have a vision; maybe you’re still developing it. Either way… 

If you’re a leaper, leap. If you’re a wader, dip your toe in and go after your dream. The water’s great!

I hope to see you here again in the future. After all, it’s more fun wading together. Sign up in the sidebar for emails about my most recent posts or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

I’m assuming if you read this far, you’re not a shoreline waver. So are you a leaper or a wader? How do you know?

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