An Interview with T.O. Weller: Never Too Late to Change Your Life

T.O. Weller: Never Too Late to Change Your Life

If you’ve put in your time fulfilling everyone’s expectations…

If you hear that small voice inside reminding you of dreams you have yet to fulfill…

If you are ready to start your “second act”…

T.O. Weller has an important message for you. For all of us really.

It’s never too late. Never.

"We are going to change. It's inevitable." - T.O. Weller

Never Too Late to Change Your Life

At any age, we may find ourselves questioning, “Is this all there is?” and “What about _______?” I know I did. It was questions like those that spurred me to write the first draft of my novel, take up photography, and start this blog.

Life became richer, more meaningful, and expanded outward in beautiful ways. I felt more alive than I had in years.

But what if we just accept our fates? What if we believe it’s too late and simply give up?

The short answer is that we could live a very long and unfulfilling life. We could spend years wondering, “What if?” and “Why didn’t I…?”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wake up at 60, 70, 80, or any age for that matter, and ask myself those questions. Neither does T.O. Weller (AKA Tracey) from Never Too Late to Write. She and I discovered one another on Pinterest, and she invited me to join her Reinvention board as a contributor. She’s been inspiring me and we’ve been connecting ever since.

Recently, I asked Tracey if I could interview her for Acorn * Oak * Forest. She writes a great deal about the goal of writing, and yet, I have found that her ideas apply to variety of dreams and goals.

I had planned on a written interview, and she posed a question – a politely-phrased challenge in a way. Would I like to do it as a video interview? My introvert self shouted no, while the part of me that’s up for a challenge and a new adventure used its big girl voice to say yes.

Watch My Interview with T.O. Weller from

Interview Spotlight Topics:

  • The difference between the “first act” and the “second act” in life
  • Why it really is never too late
  • What it means to reinvent ourselves

Quotes and Key Ideas:

  • “There may just be that still small voice inside that says, “But what about _______?”
  • “[Reinvention] is waking up each day and knowing we can change.”
  • “Reinvention is both a challenge and a pleasure.”

For more reading, I hope you’ll check out Tracey’s blog at Never Too Late to Write, where she’s recently started a new series about taking action on your personal quest. Here’s the first post in the series – “Plan and Find your Freedom to Write.”

What do you find most inspiring in Tracey’s take on life? What is the small voice inside you begging you to do with your “second act”?

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6 thoughts on “T.O. Weller: Never Too Late to Change Your Life

    • Dear T.O., You’re too modest! The honor was absolutely all mine. You were wonderful and I’m so glad we worked together on this project. I look forward to the next, whatever it may be. Best, Monica

    • Thanks so much Olivia! It was a fun project with an inspiring subject. I appreciate the visit and the comment! Best, Monica

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