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Gathering Light

“There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

We’ve all heard the phrase, or we’ve said it to someone else. We’ve found this trite way of saying, Hang on. You’ll get there. Don’t give up, because in all the darkness of whatever you’re going through, there’s a light. And if you can just get to that light, everything will be okay.

Just get to the light.

Work or relationships, personal catastrophes or plain old life can put us in this long, straight, dreary tunnel. Nothing more than a dark, drawn-out path to trudge until we get to that light.

The Light Right Here

Over the last few months, I’ve thought a lot about those seemingly comforting words – “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.” They’re all wrong though.

The light isn’t some far distant glow we have to cross miles of broken glass to get to. It’s not some tiny speck stationed on the horizon that feels impossible to attain. We don’t have to struggle days, weeks and sometimes months to reach it.  And we need not put our heads down, grit our teeth and trudge forward, feeling our way through ages of impermeable darkness.

That seemingly distant light is not some great “other” that we need to attain to be happy. It’s not just beyond our reach.

The light is here. It’s us. It’s now. 

I know this in my core with absolute certainty, the same way I know that… Some people carry their light brightly, illuminating the way for others. Some have never seen their own light or even know it exists. Most of us fall somewhere in between.

Being the in-between sort, I fear that sometime during the summer months, I misplaced my light at the end of the tunnel. With it feeling so far away, it’s been difficult to see opportunities and choices. Details and beauty. Hope and joy.

"Are you gathering light or gathering darkness?" ~ Monica Lobenstein | Acorn * Oak * ForestSo, friends, I know I’ve been quiet here on the blog for a while, quite some time actually. It’s because my light’s been sputtering a bit, and it’s because, in truth, I’ve been gathering darkness, like picking flowers after they’ve faded.

It took me some time to realize it and now that I know (with awareness comes choice)… Here’s the intentional shift I’m making.

I’m growing my light again. Rather than striving for that unattainable speck at the end of the tunnel, I’m coming back to me, my own particular joy. Instead of darkness, I’m gathering light, one particle of energy at a time, in a luminous bouquet. No more fumbling in the dark. I’m illuminating the tunnel and I can’t wait to see what it reveals.

What about you… are you gathering light or gathering darkness?


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