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The problem? The problem is we don’t believe we can do it. We put up road blocks we can’t even see for so much of our lives. After we’ve run up against those road blocks for years, we feel hopeless until we finally realize we have all the tools to move them. We’ve always had the tools. We just never gave ourselves permission to use them.

We waited and waited for someone to let us in on the big secret, to tell us we had a choice. Finally, we realized no one was coming, and we decided to move the road block out of the way and take a step. Then we took another step and another. We kicked off our shoes, and we ran free.

Why did it take us so long to figure it out?

We don’t believe we can do it. What is “it” though? You’ll have to define it for yourself.

For me, it was living a life beyond my job, trusting myself, writing a novel, learning mindfulness, and falling in love with photography. It was learning, finally, that I could do all the things I dreamed of. It was finding out that life was more than drudging along and waiting until retirement to be happy.

Now, I just hope that this blog space – something that fills me with joy while it feeds my curiosity and creativity – will do some good for others.

The idea that I might inspire other people seems too lofty, too arrogant. But… get you thinking? Help you see the possibilities? Encourage you to try, explore, create, dip your toe in the water, and sometimes to leap? Make you believe?

That, I can do. MONICA-36 (2)

My name is Monica, and I am a learner, searcher, writer, photographer, thinker, questioner, practical minimalist-in-training and all around curious person. I believe in the future as it is built on our past. I believe in personal growth – always – and taking the next step in anything, ready or not.

I believe in putting people first, listening more than talking, and asking questions. I believe people are their own greatest assets. I believe in working hard and putting positive energy into the world. I believe in second and third and fourth chances, and even more as long as we’re willing to try.

I believe in lifelong learning and curiosity and exploration and discovery. I believe in the search for what’s true, what connects us and anything that will bring more hope to the world – one person at a time.

I believe in mutual respect, open-mindedness, deep conversation and non-judgmental acceptance of differences. I believe everyone – every single person – has a gift for the world.  I believe in opportunity, possibility, creativity, and positivity, all found in the space between yesterday and not yet.

I believe in me, you, our goals and our ability to achieve them. One step at a time. Every. Single. Day.

So, this is where we clear the clutter – mental, physical, emotional – and come together once a week to cultivate our passions (Acorn) to grow and take action toward our goals (Oak), whatever they may be. We’ll support one another (Forest) and we’ll take excellent care of ourselves (Roots) while we’re at it.

I post once each week on Sunday, with occasional bonus posts thrown in for fun or because I feel moved to share. You can follow along on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin’ or by signing up in the sidebar for e-mails.

Want to know more? Start here.

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