Acorn | Cultivate Your Passion

the seed of our passions
the tiny source of enormous potential
the heart of who we are and who we may become

Cultivate your passion:

Just as each tiny acorn holds the potential of a decades-old, reaches-the-sky, delves-the-deepest-soils oak tree inside of it, we hold infinite possibility in our hearts. To discover the potential inside yourself, you must open yourself to it, feed it, believe in it, nurture it, and remove those barriers that prevent it from growing. Cultivate your passion!

Why wait a moment longer to open that seed within yourself?

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2 thoughts on “Acorn | Cultivate Your Passion

  1. I didn’t know you had a blog as well. I enjoy your style and am excited to see where you take it. I just recently had my creative baby. It was in gestation for over 2 years so it was a huge relief. I have a feeling it will be a slow developer though. I have two of the more needy and loud sort of children (preteens now blah) and they are jealous of any time I want to spend with the new baby. I love, love, love this metaphor. Thank you for inspiring me and giving me a new way to think about it.

    • Jacque, I’m so happy you like the metaphor! I’d love to hear more about your creative baby. Is it a novel (I only ask because of The Novel Idea group)? Your people babies will come to appreciate their creative sibling some day! I just visited your site too. Your work – both photography and drawings – is beautiful! Bookmarking it for future reference. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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