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Here are all of my books and series in one delicious place. Whether you’re in —

  • The acorn phase of self-discovery and cultivating your passions
  • The oak phase of taking action for personal growth
  • The forest phase of connection and building/finding your network of support, or
  • You’re putting down the roots of deep knowing and self-care.

I hope you find useful tools and tidbits in every word.

You’ll find clickable links below to more details and information. Happy exploring!

Summer Seedlings: This is just the beginning... | Acorn * Oak * Forest

Summer Seedlings: This is just the beginning…

Summer Seedlings are short articles for the hectic summer months (or anytime you find yourself in need of a quick boost of thought-provoking energy). They include the seeds of ideas that will grow in your life. Reading these brief articles is just the beginning…

June: Shifting Your Relationship with the Clock 

July: Coming soon

August: Coming soon

Move Your Mountain One Rock at a Time

WMove Your Mountain One Rock at a Time: A short ebook about epic change using the smallest of stepse all have a mountain – or more than one – that must be moved. The mountain is the pile of fears, unreasonable expectations and limiting beliefs that keep us cramped in our own comfort zone. We want to change, grow, expand our horizons and we struggle to move beyond the mental clutter that keeps us small.

We can move that mountain though – one rock at a time – acknowledging the thoughts that hold us back and using them to build a positive space where we can explore, ask questions, and stretch ourselves.

Find out how to Move Your Mountain One Rock at a Time with this free ebook.

280 Day Challenge

280 Day Challenge - Bring Your Dreams to LifeIn my  late 30s, my biological clock started ticking, but not the way you might suspect. I didn’t want to have a baby, I wanted to give birth to the novel that had been kicking around in my mind for nearly two decades. It was my baby, and I decided to treat it that way. So I gave myself 280 days – the typically length of a full-term human pregnancy – to write the first draft of my novel.

Through false starts and a lot of learning along the way, I developed a system of preparing for this important challenge. What’s your long-term vision for yourself – your big, BIG Dream?

Bring that “baby” to life with the 280 Day Challenge.

Mindful Life Photography Series

Mindful Life: My Week in PhotosHave you ever just stopped to think that too much of our days is spent on auto-pilot? That our creative and most joyful selves are lost, buried beneath years of the dust of survival? That if we just paused to notice the world around us – the bigness of it all, the tiniest details, the heart-bare moments that make it all worthwhile – we’ll really begin to live?

That’s what my Mindful Life Photography Series is about. It’s my way of slowing down, exploring, enjoying the moments, discovering new ways of seeing the world, and finding inspiration in the day-to-day.

Click here to see more of my Mindful Life.

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