Oak | Achieve Your Goals

a trunk that bends even as it withstands the wind
the sheer power to grow and change, reach and transform
the slow wending of roots and branches – up, down, outward in all directions
the oak becomes what it is meant to become

Achieve your goals:

Oak trees are always growing, always changing. Their growth maybe subtle, internal, and invisible to the naked eye. Yet it takes place every moment of every day. The mighty oak becomes what it is meant to become, thriving where it is planted.

Oak trees are strong, tall, and flexible. An open-grown oak has enough room around it that its limbs do not need to compete by growing up. Instead, they grow – naturally – outward, like a hundred stout arms. Their trunks are black as night in a rain storm, pale and mottled in the sun. And they only lose about half their leaves in fall, choosing to hold onto the other half so they have something left to give in the spring.

We all have something to give. When you achieve your goals… you grow, open your arms, share yourself, and find your joy.

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