280 Day Challenge

280 Day Challenge - Bring Your Dreams to Life

Welcome to the 280 Day Challenge!

I am so happy to have you join me on this exciting adventure that takes us from where we are now and moves us one giant baby step closer to where we want to be.

280 days is the length of a typical human pregnancy. It is the perfect length of time to give ourselves to achieve some of our other “babies” – our big goals through which we work toward our vision of who we want to be. Like a pregnant mother, we need to talk care of ourselves along the way, grow our supportive relationships and make daily progress toward our goal.

Your goal is just that. It’s yours. So what are you dreaming about. What idea sings in your soul? What daydream has grabbed you and won’t let go? Let’s give it our best 280 days and see where it takes us.

Are you ready to get started?

This isn’t like a lot of other challenges. I’m not going to push you. I’ll be encouraging you. I’ll be sharing insights from my second 280 Day Challenge (feel free to follow along). But the pushing? That’s all you, with maybe some help from your touchstones and other supporters. The guides below will help you prepare, and you decide what your goal is and when  you will start – when the time is right for you.

For now, we’ll take our preparations one week at a time. Don’t be afraid to do things at your own rate. Life happens and we can’t always keep the same pace as everyone else. That is perfectly okay. Do the best you can and make the time and energy decisions that are healthy for you.

Getting Ready for Your 280 Day Challenge

A 280 Day Challenge is like a promise to ourselves to start when we are ready, when the building blocks are in place for the foundation. We’re taking a few weeks to make plans and shore up our personal resources. Then, when we’re ready, we’ll set our start dates (conception) and our finish dates (happy birthday baby!).

IntroductionNOT a New Year’s Resolution: Preparing for a 280 Day Challenge

Week #1Short Term Goal – Long Term Vision: Who do you want to be?

Short Term Goal – Long Term Vision Planning Tool – blank

Short Term Goal – Long Term Vision Planning Tool – Monica’s Sample

Week #27 Days to Greater Self Awareness: Strengths & More Strengths

Monica’s Daily Journal Sample

Week #3Today Matters: Being Present in the Moment

Week #4Discovering Your Stretch Zone: Growing in the Sweet Spot

Discovering Your Stretch Zone Planning Tool

Week #513 Approaches to Overcoming Obstacles: Getting Over, Under, Around, or Through

Week #6The Goal Behind the Goal: Personal Wellness

Week #7 Setting the Timeline for Your Goal: Contributing What You Were Meant to Contribute

KickoffGrab Life with Both Hands: On Turning 40 and Loving Every Second

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Enjoy this journey! Are you excited? Me too!

If you would like to see how it looks a little further down the line, I invite you to take a look at Monica’s first 280 Day Challenge and now my second 280 Day Challenge – Editing my Novel (already in progress) and the headway I have been making. It is exciting, nerve-wracking (in a good way!), and energizing to be going down this path!

What will your first 280 Day Challenge be?

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