Gathering Light | Acorn * Oak * Forest

Gathering Light

“There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.” We’ve all heard the phrase, or we’ve said it to someone else. We’ve found this trite way of saying, Hang on. You’ll get there. Don’t give up, because in all the darkness of whatever you’re going through, there’s a light. And if you can just get to … Read more

Create the Flexibility You Need to Reach Your Personal Goals | Acorn * Oak * Forest

Create the Flexibility You Need to Reach Personal Goals

Setting our personal goals and planning for how to achieve them is only our best guess at what will work for us. Rigid, inflexible plans rarely work, but we still tend to push ourselves toward perfection. However, building in opportunities to edit our goals – using 3 intentional strategies – gets us to the finish line. … Read more

Creating a Motivation Plan for your Goal

Creating a 4-Point Motivation Plan for your Goal

If you’ve ever gone for a long hike, you know you go through certain phases. Starting out, the spring in your step keeps you moving fast, up hill and over dale. You may have a smile on your face and enjoy taking in the sights. You can’t be stopped. Further down the trail, your stride is smaller and you begin to slow down. … Read more