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Gathering Light

“There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.” We’ve all heard the phrase, or we’ve said it to someone else. We’ve found this trite way of saying, Hang on. You’ll get there. Don’t give up, because in all the darkness of whatever you’re going through, there’s a light. And if you can just get to … Read more

Chop & Carry - A return to daily routines and basic necessities is a return to who we truly are.

Chop and Carry

Though I have not yet mastered it, I have learned over time to come back to this phrase – “Chop and carry.” The everyday tasks that once were chopping wood for warmth and cooking and carrying water for drinking and cleanliness have evolved over time. However, at their core, the effort to meet our daily needs as … Read more

3 Counter-Intuitive Moves to Flip Your Day

3 Counter-Intuitive Moves to Flip Your Day

Before I get to these magnificent day-flipping moves, I want to share an update from last week’s article – Discovering my Wild Woman, Part 2. I’ve dubbed it the Huge Haircut Decision of 2015, and it’s absolutely not about hair. It’s about confidence and the choices we make for ourselves (not for others). Read on … Read more