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How to Create Space for You in Your Hectic Life

Sometimes I like to (try to) put myself in your shoes. You, the reader. When I’m wearing your shoes, I’m a little skeptical about how to create space for you. In your shoes, I might be thinking: “It’s great for you to talk about creating space for yourself, Monica. You’re married, without children. What do … Read more

Set Goals You'll Achieve - 2 Crucial Elements

Set Goals You’ll Achieve: 2 Crucial Elements

I used to think my goals were something outside myself, some distant thing I was striving for. My goals were a way to get from point A (where I was) to point B (where I wanted to be). I couldn’t have been more wrong in how I set goals for myself. It was one of the … Read more

Saying Yes to You - A Heart-Centered Weekend

Say Yes to You: A Heart-Centered Weekend

After a busy and stressful work week, weekends are made for rest and relaxation, right? That’s how they were designed anyway. Yet, for most of us, weekends are when we get caught up on what we couldn’t get done during the week. We fall behind on personal goals during the week and hope against hope to have … Read more